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Rich, beautiful color can bring a completely new dimension to your next project. From a bright red to a deep blue and a multitude of shades in between, our Sales Color Lab can help you match or create a color to meet your project’s needs and amaze your customers.

We offer a wide selection of standard colors that are kept in stock, as well as a wide range of custom colors. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we will work with you to develop the right shade to match your needs. All Argos color cements are available in masonry cement, Eaglebond® portland cement lime, and Superbond™ mortar cement, so you can get the right product for your project in the perfect color. Even better, our distribution network ensures that you get the product you need delivered to you quickly, keeping your project on schedule.

To learn more about products we offer in color, check out our bagged cements below. Contact a sales representative to learn more.

Types of Cement Offered in Color

Magnolia Masonry Cement

Argos masonry cement is specially formulated for use in the construction of brick, block, and thick stone structures. The quality characteristics of this product produce excellent workability, which promotes reduced production and cleaning time and leads to more consistent quality masonry construction.

Eaglebond® Portland Cement Lime

If you’re looking for a classic blend of portland cement and lime, Eaglebond® cement is pre-blended to give you perfect proportions, with no loss of strength and a consistent color.

Superbond™ Mortar Cement

For masonry projects that require a guarantee bond strength, Superbond™ mortar cement, unlike regular masonry cement, has a minimum bond strength requirement that makes it perfect for challenging projects, like those in active seismic areas or for tall buildings.